• Automation strategies designed to maximize conversion and save time

    We help our clients get easy results by combining our tool with other software platforms 

  • Why integrate?

    Combining forces with the right tools increases efficiency, review count and conversion


    We're big believers in using tools available to eliminate manual work. In addition to elevating online reputations we have shown clients how they can integrate ReviewTrigger with other tools to help them solve other chokepoints within their current processes. For example some tour businesses have integrated our tool with a digital waiver tool to eliminate printing, collecting and filing paper waivers by hand.


    Like many marketing strategies, increasing ranks on consumer review sites is a numbers game. The more reviews our clients request the more reviews they secure. In order to do this we share integrations that are designed to maximize customer email address collection. With more emails our clients have the ability to request more reviews, they can also use these addresses for internal marketing campaigns.


    The review request timing and platform significantly contribute to conversion. For example requesting a review via a text message integration is 390% more effective than e-mail. In addition, many of our clients use tools that help them time their reviews. For example some clients use a payment processor integration to request the review immediately after the purchase when the customer is most likely to convert.

  • Killer Integration Examples

    Digital Waiver

    Digital waivers are a great email collection tool. We particularly like Smartwaiver, because you can setup an automatic export of email addresses from your existing email platforms (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.). This means you can automate sending the review funnel to your customers at a time of your choosing. For example, 3 hours after the waiver was turned in, the next day at 9am, or even 2 days later. If your business does group reservations, it’s a great way to get emails beyond just the person that made the reservation.

    Another thing we like about Smartwaiver is you can host your waiver online and set up a specific URL, like www.mptwaiver.com. This URL can be put into the pre-tour messages, which will both expedite check in and rapidly build your email list. In addition, if somebody is running late and you want to speed up check in, Smartwaiver already has them covered. Lastly, if your business is seasonal in nature, like ours, you can downgrade to a smaller plan or freeze your plan if you get no waivers at all.




    Appointment Reminder

    Text messages have a much higher open rate than emails. Apptoto is an text gun appointment reminder service that will pull your customer information from a google, outlook calendar, or a .CSV file.

    (most systems can be set up to export data to one of these.) At that point, you can initiate a pre-launch text messages at any time to reminder tour organizers and in the case of review request, follow up with a "thanks for coming" or "please text review us at a time of your choosing."

    We looked at several text services, we like this one for three big reasons; the 300 character limit per text, which was almost double the other services. Also, the two way messaging was very important for customers to reply and get immediate responses back. Last reason, you can also send an email or an automated phone call in conjunction with the text reminders to make sure you really get all the info to the customer.




    Booking Software

    Each system is a little different, but yes you can set this up to work with your booking software. Remember, if you're booking software is sending simple links to review you on a specific site, it has two major flaws; ONE you don't have a safety net to avoid upset customers; and TWO with our device detections, you're adding a series of extra clicks and log in hurdles to discourage them from leaving a review.


    We help set up and advise based on your booking software.





    Payment Processor

    Typically a customer's experience is top of mind when they are paying. Some of our clients leverage this moment to request reviews when experience is top of mind. We work with a variety of payment processors where we can automatically integrate your review request within their email receipts. In addition to this many of our clients save money based on the low processing fees we have negotiated on their behalf. By integrating their ReviewTrigger system with a processor they can actually pay off any ReviewTrigger expenses with the money they save in processing fees. On top of that they elevate their review rank and create opportunities to employ mobile processing for their team.

  • Case Studies

    Best in class integrations designed to increase conversion and save time

    Escape Room Adventures

    Smartwaiver E-Mail Capture

    Escape Room Adventures wanted to increase their rank so we recommended ReviewTrigger and SmartWaiver to collect as many customer emails as possible as well as automate their liability waiver process.


    Smartwaiver is a hell of an email capture tool, Escape Room Adventures is getting light years more email opt-ins than we thought. The best of all, is they can time the request to arrive three hours after the waiver is turned in, so it arrives while customers are still excited.


    After a two month test they expanded their ReviewTrigger agreement to all of their locations across the country within their franchise.

    TCB Kayaks

    Social Content + Review Links

    TCB was looking for a way to elevate their online reputation and social following.


    We suggested having their guides take action photos of each tour and sending customers a link to the photos and a review request following the rental. To accomplish this we recommended using automated text message integration called Apptoto to send the link. Within the message TCB reminds the customer that the photos are available for download at the link provided. At the same time TCB gives the customer the photos they include the ReviewTrigger link.


    Their significantly strong conversion is attributed to the fact that they are asking for the review immediately after the tour on a mobile device that generates higher engagement. On top of that TCB is providing unexpected value with free action shots which gives their customers a bigger reason to provide a review

    Milwaukee Pedal Tavern

    The Ultimate Combo

    One of the logjams MPT ran into was that customers are frequently late to their tours. This creates a tour delay and customer stress/frustration. 


    To remind customers about the tour and expedite check in they use a combination of Apptoto and Smartwaiver. Apptoto grabs the customer phone numbers from a booking software. The text message then sends each customer a waiver link with pertinent tour info (when to meet, address, contact information, etc) and asks the customer to complete the waiver prior to arriving.


    Not only does this help launch tours on time, it saves MPT hours of customer service calls each day. It also helps them capture an increased amount of customer emails, and those captured emails get a review request automatically sent the next day.

    Kinni Adventures

    Cherry On Top

    Kinni Adventures uses a mobile payment processor called Flint to collect customer email addresses - when the receipt is sent the review request is included.


    To increase conversion their staff is incentivized to encourage customers to leave a 'Name Drop' review. Every tour guide who has a customer to leave a review with the tour guide's name in it gets a $20 bill. At the end of the month the reviews are tallied and the guides get a bonus. Many times customers use this as a tip their guides because they typically don't have cash on hand.


    The mobile processor accelerates the payment collection process them and helps them time their reviews to ensure they request the reviews immediately after their customers have just had an action packed adventure on the rapids.

  • Current Integration Partners

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  • Set up in minutes - not hours

    Our client's average implementation time is 15 minutes. We take care of the set up and integrations.

  • Low Tech Review Request Automations

    Requests Embedded in Email Signature

    Never Miss A Review Opportunity

    We all send out way too many emails. However, our clients have an opportunity to leverage this simple action as a way to subtly request reviews. Some clients insert their ReviewTrigger link into their email signature. It is an easy way to put your business in a position to gather reviews every time you send email. It's incredibly easy way to consistently invite customers to complete reviews and should be used in conjunction with other review request strategies. Don't miss out on the slam dunks.

    Requests Paired with a Group Picture

    The Creative By Hand Method

    Similar to TCB Kayaks there are ways you can distribute social content to your customers without an Apptoto integration. Simply text or e-mail your customers a group picture with review request below each photo.


    If texting, save time by using your phone's auto populate feature to send the message with a single click from your mobile calendar. Text shortcut is an amazing time saving (iOS) tool to connect with your customers on the go. For example, a short text combo like “abc” can be built to auto populate a longer phrase. Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>shortcuts to set it up.


    If emailing, you can create a custom email account (photo@yourbiz.com), and set it up so your signature auto-populates the review request with each email.


    We highly recommend this strategy. Photos have a much higher open rate and will generate organic social media conversations for your business.

    Request Button Inserted on Site

    As we have mentioned, increasing rank requires quantity - it's a numbers game. ReviewTrigger comes with a code snippet that you can easily install on your website. Doing this will add a "Review Us" button home page.



    QR Code Linked to Request

    ReviewTrigger also comes with a QR code that will link to your review funnel. Toss it on your business cards, coupons or other printed literature/signs to increase review quantity.



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